Trademarks for new businesses

One of the key challenges facing  any new business is to create a distinctive trademark or trading style. A trademark positions your products in the marketplace and differentiates them from your competitors, so choosing a memorable trademark is advantageous.

Before adopting a trademark or trading style, you should ensure that it is doesn’t already belong to someone else. Each year many businesses are asked to change their trademark or trading style and pay damages because they haven’t conducted sufficient research before launching.

Checking out the availability of a trademark is essential and should include extensive research – simply searching to see whether anyone is using the name on the internet is not sufficient. Whilst you may have broad knowledge of what brands are in use in your sector, this does not mean that a competing trademark does not already exist.

To ensure your new business trademark really is a new business trademark, contact Bison Rivers. We can give you professional, cost-effective advice on all aspects of adopting a trademark or trading style. For specific, focused feedback, fill in our survey form.