Design registration

When you consider the time, effort and cost of devising a brand that is unique to your industry, design registration is a crucial part of the process. What would happen, for example, if another company began using a similar design yet offered a poor quality product or service and it was associated with you?

Registered designs can be valuable assets and the manner in which you take care of them can either increase or decrease their value.

At Bison Rivers, we offer dedicated professional trademark and design registration and management services to all industry sectors.

UK registered designs

You can protect the outward appearance of a product by filing to register a design right. If your product is new, or the design elements of it are new, then you may be able to protect it with design registration. In particular they include decorative elements, lines and contours, texture, materials, shape, colours, ornamentation and graphic representations.

European design registration

It is also possible to submit a European design registration in a single application and have the rights for a registered design obtained in all 27 countries in Europe. As with UK registered designs, the rights exist for 5 year and can be renewed every 5 years for a period of 25 years.

For further information about how you can take advantage of the design registration services that Bison Rivers offers, please contact us.