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A new scam!

There has been an alarming increase in the number of unsolicited demands for payment of fees being made to owners of trademarks. The latest scam comes in the form of … Read more >>

Test Your Judgement

How similar do you think the Wolf device is to Wolf Jardin? Entec Industries Ltd applied to register a Community Trademark comprising the device of a wolf’s head for “machines … Read more >>

Porridge on the menu for Infringers in Albania

Sweeping changes to the Albanian Criminal Code were brought into force on 11 April 2012. A criminal offence occurs where there is the production, use, release, distribution, trade, import or … Read more >>

News About Bison Rivers

  It’s been a successful year so far for Bison Rivers with a refreshing increase in interest in protecting trademarks and designs from new and existing clients. Contentious work continues … Read more >>


  You may receive official looking requests for payment from various unrelated agencies who charge very high rates to renew trademarks, often long before they are due for renewal. Frankly, … Read more >>

Practical Brand Ownership issues to consider.

  This month, as part of our ongoing feature, we are considering Succession for Companies and Groups of Individuals. When you start a business where do you envisage it ending … Read more >>

Time to Review the Level of your Trademark Protection

  As businesses develop it is important to review regularly the protection you have for your trademarks. The style of mark that is protected evolves and significant changes can leave … Read more >>

APPLE loses its “IPAD” Trademark in China

  In 2001 Shenzen Proview and Proview Electronic Co. Ltd registered IPAD as a trademark in a number of countries including China for computers and associated goods. In 2009, Taiwan … Read more >>

News about Bison Rivers

2012 has kicked off at full speed with a variety of heavily contentious cases underway. It’s reassuring to see that new businesses are emerging and taking heed of the need … Read more >>

Who can own a trademark?

Practical Brand Ownership issues to consider. This month as part of our ongoing feature, we are considering “Who can own a Trademark”? It is fundamental that the ownership of trademark … Read more >>

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