Trademark registration

Trademarks are not automatically – or retrospectively – granted. Instead, they must be applied for under a formal trademark registration process.

By doing so, you protect your company’s most valuable asset: the intellectual property rights that give you the exclusive and uncontested use of your product and your skills.

Fail to do so and the work, effort and passion you have invested in your business can be destroyed by competitors copying your product and undercutting your price.

If you are new to trademark registration, we can advise on the fastest, most cost-effective way of completing the process, in the UK, across the EU, and in other countries.

Trademark monitoring

Trademark registration is not the end of the process. Monitoring the adoption of competing trademarks is the next step in protecting the value and integrity of your trademark.

We provide a variety of tailored services that allow you to monitor and object to trademark applications in any of the registries around the world; monitor the use of trademarks on the internet; and monitor domain names and “Whois” information to ensure you are not a victim of cyber-squatting.

Buying or selling your trademark?

If you are buying or selling a trademark, there are further steps you should take to ensure the transaction is valid and to safeguard your investment. It is quite easy to fall foul of the trademark legal system and, as a result, to depreciate the value and rights in the intellectual property.

We can you offer you expert advice and assistance on all aspects of intellectual property transfer. If you want to offer a trademark for sale, we can also advertise your trademark on our website and assist you in the transfer process. If you have a specific trademark that you would like to purchase, we can give you the advice you need.

For further information about how you can take advantage of the trademark registration services that Bison Rivers offers, please contact us.