A new scam!

Posted on by bisonrivers

There has been an alarming increase in the number of unsolicited demands for payment of fees being made to owners of trademarks. The latest scam comes in the form of correspondence relating to renewal of trademarks. Owners are being approached by companies who have nothing to do with them or their trademarks up to a year before their trademarks are due for renewal and payment requested. The fees being charged are extremely high and the official looking demand has confused some owners who have paid the sums requested. It then seems that the money is held by these companies until the trademark is actually due for renewal – which is up to 12 months later. It’s a good way to pad your bank account!

The only correspondence you should receive relating to your trademarks will come from Bison Rivers. We strongly recommend that you don’t pay any third party demands for payment relating to your trademarks without first checking the legitimacy of it. We are happy to review any correspondence you receive and advise you.

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