Intellectual property

With many products and services becoming increasingly complex in the way they are created and delivered, intellectual property rights are becoming, in turn, more and more important.

Managed correctly, your intellectual property interests can be a valuable business asset and we can advise on how to make the most of those assets.

Transfer of intellectual property and trademarks

Trademarks are intellectual property assets that can be bought and sold. There are specific steps you should take to ensure the transaction is valid and to safeguard your trademark investment.

Beware, however. It is quite easy to fall foul of the trademark legal system and as a result to depreciate the value and rights in the intellectual property. Bison Rivers offers expert advice and assistance on all aspects of intellectual property transfer.

Licensing intellectual property rights

Formal licence agreements are a means of controlling the use of your trademarks and intellectual property rights.

Royalty payments, term of licence, the correct application of your trademark, quality control, jurisdiction, termination and many more safeguards should be considered, however, when allowing a third party to use your rights.

Recording the licence is a must in some countries, for example, and failure to do so can affect the rights accrued in the trademark mark.

Once again, we can step in at any stage in the intellectual property process with valuable, relevant advice that will protect your rights.

For further information about how you can take advantage of the intellectual property services that Bison Rivers offers, please contact us.