Monthly Archives: September 2011

.XXX – what does it mean for brand owners?

Well, it is of course all about the adult entertainment industry. Whilst there will be regulation and security in place for these sites there is still cause for trademark owners … Read more >>

WARNING! Beware of Unsolicited Payment Requests

More and more of our clients are receiving unsolicited mail, requesting payment for actions relating to their trademarks. The letters look as though they come from an official source and … Read more >>

Ever wonder who is using and abusing your brands?

Our cost effective web content monitoring service will provide you with monthly reports on use and misuse of your trademarks, names or designs anywhere on the internet. Our new specialist … Read more >>

Calling all Trademark Owners – Check Up required

When did you last take any action to ensure the trademarks you are using actually belong to you? So much time and investment is wasted on developing product names and … Read more >>

Why would your business want to protect its Name?

In many ways the answer is obvious, but a surprising number of businesses do not take any steps to protect themselves. A successful trademark is synonymous with the products sold … Read more >>